Do you do relaxing spa facials?

No, our facials are paramedical treatments aimed at revising the skin back to its healthiest state. We specialize in treating difficult skin conditions, incorporating cutting edge technology with potent skin care ingredients.

You specialize in Skin of Color, but can you treat all skin tones?

Absolutely yes! I decided to focus on Skin of Color because 1. Every skin tone has unique needs and my treatment philosophy of treating the underlying condition and rebuilding the skin from the inside out happens to be the best one when treating skin of color. More aggressive treatments (laser, harsh peels, microdermabrasion) can be harmful to any skin, especially skin that hyper-pigments more easily. 2. It was a need that wasn’t being met. Many of my clients have told me they were being exposed to harsh treatments without regard to their ethnic and genetic backgrounds which can and does cause scarring. 3. If I can treat Skin of Color well, then it follows that I can treat any skin type. And 4. We are a gorgeously diverse group of people here in Philadelphia, why not celebrate that!

What is the DMK Enzyme Masque?

The DMK Enzyme Masque is the revolutionary foundation of all DMK treatments and there is truly nothing like it when it comes to skin revision. The enzyme masque triggers the skin to bring fresh oxygenated blood to the surface where the skin cells then have access to the nutrients they need (this is witnessed in the capillary network temporarily visible after every treatment).  The masque also helps to back flush your cells, helping to rid cellular waste and bring cells back to homeostatis where they can then function as intended. And finally, it pumps the lymph system (you will feel this in the gentle pulsating of the skin), where all that cellular waste and stagnant lymph drains out of the face, neck and decollete, leaving skin refreshed, renewed and ready to rebuild. The masque sits on the skin for 30-45 minutes where it hardens to stiff shell. You can choose to nap or meditate during the masque, though many clients sit up and answer emails, read a book or catch up on work.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is performed with either a roller or a mechanical pen (like the Mesopen that we use) that punches thousands of microscopic holes into the epidermis. These holes signal the fibroblast cells to start rebuilding the skin. Because microneedling is non-ablative (meaning it does not take the outer layer of skin cells off), it has the unique ability to stimulate regular collagen (soft and supple) without producing scar collagen (tight and shiny). Recent studies report that the more ablative treatments actually promote the long term aging process because they stimulate scar collagen which results in a net loss of collagen (up to 10%). Microneedling doesn’t do this. It is safe, effective, and only has a 1-3 day downtime period. Because we numb the skin, clients experience only mild discomfort.

LED, why all the fuss?

LED or Light Emitting Diode, was first studied by NASA to grow plants on the space station. Much like plants, we too convert light energy to cellular energy. LED increases the energy in our cells (ATP) by up to 300%. This means that we get a beautiful increase in our ability to produce collagen and elastin. We use Red and Blue LED at Rittenhouse Skincare which can help with premature aging, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, dry skin, and acne. In addition, we also have Infrared Light which helps in detoxification, discomfort, inflammation and treats skin at the deeper layers. It is completely safe and wonderfully effective.

What is ThermoClear and is it safe?

ThermoClear utilizes high and low radio frequency technology to target and instantly remove epidermal skin imperfections such as small spider capillaries, milia, acne, sun or age spots, sebaceous hyperplasia and skin tags. The device uses both low and high radio frequency to treat only the top layer of the skin, leaving the lower dermal layers unaffected, reducing the risk of hyper or hypo-pigmentation. This versatile treatment works on all skin types to replenish and rejuvenate making it ideal for light and dark skin tones.

What is Transdermalporation?

Transdermalporation is the means by which the Elapromed device delivers active ingredients into the dermal/epidermal junction. This is where those ingredients are stored by the skin to be used to carry out actions like creating collagen and elastin, blocking too much melanin production and clearing away scar tissue. Traditionally our skin can only absorb 2-4% of even the best topical ingredients when massaged in. Technology like ultrasound, sonophoresis, and galvanic current can increase that percentage, but not by more than 10-20%. With the Elapromed Transdermalporation device, we custom mix 100% organic compounds like Stem Cells, Vitamin C, peptides and melanin-inhibitors and using 2 probes, are able to push it into the skin via ionic pathways.  The absorption rate is increased to 99%, the most of any device on the market. This means that the skin cells then have access to everything they need to promote lasting change. It is fast, painless and safe.

What do you mean by current based modalities?

Current based modalities include Ultrasound, Iontophoresis, Sonophoresis, Galvanic Current and High Frequency. These advanced tools allow to the skin therapist to work more efficiently and effectively. Ultrasound helps vibrate and heat the skin, promoting product absorption. Iontophoresis, Sonophoresis and Galvanic use ionic pathways to soften skin impactions and push in ingredients, and High Frequency helps to dry out acne lesions and kill bacteria. The therapist will choose which modalities are safe to use and will help address your skin care needs.

Do I have to use your skin care at home?

No, but we do recommend it. When choosing which lines to carry in our office, we went through hundreds of samples, countless hours of research, tens of thousands of dollars and many, many different skin care lines before we finally found a line we could wholeheartedly get behind. I can honestly say that the lines we carry have the highest quality, most effective ingredients on the market. I offer a money back guarantee on all the products I carry so that if you are unhappy for any reason you can return them, no questions asked.

Can I purchase your products online?

Because of the specialized nature of the lines, DMK, Rococco Botanicals and Osmosis require a full skin consultation with a skin care professional before purchasing online. Without knowing which products will address your specific needs is a recipe for disaster. After your appointment you can order Osmosis online. DMK and Rococco Botanicals can be purchased in the office or we can ship it to you if you want to text or e-mail your order. No orders will be sent out without a consultation.

Do you work with men?

Absolutely, all of our treatments work well with both women and men. I don’t offer a specific men’s facial however I am able to address issues like folliculitis barbae and in-grown hairs that affect many of our male clients.

Do you work with teenagers and children?

We do, but usually on a case by case basis.  Please call or email to discuss your options.