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Welcome to the new and improved Rittenhouse Skincare Treatment Menu. Visits are by appointment only. Each session is a bespoke combination of the techniques and ingredients listed below.



+ Skin Consultation

At Rittenhouse Skincare we believe that beautiful skin starts with healthy skin. Whether you are looking to take better care of your skin or have a specific condition you wish to address, we can guide you in the best direction when it comes to understanding your skin, which products are most beneficial and why, how lifestyle, diet and health can affect your skin and what treatments are most suitable given your unique needs. All consultations include a skin scan using the Observ 520 Diagnostic Skin Scanner along with a written report of what we discuss. With this powerful diagnostic tool we can customize effective treatment plans so you can be assured the best results.

$80 | 60 minutes consultation only
$120 | 90 minutes, consultation with deep cleanse facial

+ The Rittenhouse Deep Cleanse Facial

Our lunchtime express treatment includes a double cleanse, exfoliation with extractions, and finishes with a transdermal infusion. It is perfect for first time clients and those in desperate need of extractions.

$75 | 30-45 minutes

+ The Rittenhouse Signature Facial

This fully customized facial treatment combines paramedical grade ingredients with advanced technology. It Includes a double cleanse, enzymatic or chemical exfoliation, hot towel steam, extractions, a transdermal infusion, current based modalities and treatment masque. With zero downtime this is an excellent choice for those with normal, dehydrated, or congested skin.

$125 | 60-75 minutes

+ The Rittenhouse Advanced Facial

This game-changing noninvasive facial is everything you’ve come to expect from a Rittenhouse Skincare treatment. Combining the most powerful paramedical ingredients with advanced technology, we treat the underlying causes of your skin condition to restore it back to its ideal state. The Advanced Facial includes Lightwave LED, and your choice of the revolutionary DMK Enzyme Masque OR Elapromed Transdermalporation OR Tama Microcurrent. We recommend this treatment for those with acne, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, prematurely aging skin or any stubborn skin care condition. You can expect profound results when done as part of a regular skin care program.

$225 | 90-120 minutes

+ The Rittenhouse Advanced Facial Plus+

This cutting-edge advanced facial packs a powerful punch by combining the rejuvenating capabilities of Microneedling with the advanced healing power of the DMK Enzyme Masque. Clients can expect redness on day one with some peeling on days 3-5 and then stunning results by day 7. This can be done as a one-time treatment to revive tired, lackluster skin or as part of a series of six to successfully treat the signs of premature aging and improve clarity, tone and texture.

$300 | 120 minutes

+ The Rittenhouse Mini-Enzyme Facial

This is an advanced facial for those who want the benefits of the DMK Enzyme Masque but who are short on time. Treatment includes cleanse, light exfoliation and 30-minute DMK Enzyme Masque with finishing products. (please note there are no extractions or LED light treatment with this option). This is a great maintenance option for those who have already gone through the full revision process as well as for those looking to boost their regular treatment regimen.

$150 | 60 minutes

+ ThermoClear Treatment

The versatile ThermoClear treatment utilizes radio frequency to target and safely remove skin imperfections such as spider/dilated capillaries, milia, sun or age spots, skin tags, fibromas, sebaceous hyperplasia, and cholesterol deposits. It is safe for all skin types and colors, and may be used anywhere on the face or body. It may be done as a singular treatment or added to any of the above facials (½ off when added to a facial treatment). Treatment includes cleanse, ThermoClear treatment, and finishing products. Please note that some areas require more than one treatment and there is some downtime associated with this treatment.

$50 | Single Spot Treatment
$125 | Face and Neck
$200 | Chest and Body
$250 | Face, Neck, Chest and Body


+ The RS Remodeling Procedure

This 20-day corrective skin care procedure begins the remodeling process of the skin by correcting the underlying issues that cause aging – namely sun damage, poor diet, chemical exposure, hormone imbalances and lifestyle. Treatments include home care plus 5 in-office sessions. Expect profound results.

$1200 | 5 In-office Sessions and Homecare included

+ The RS A-Lift Series

Referred to as the “mother of the bride” facial, the A-Lift is a 12-week skin rejuvenation program designed to revise the signs of aging and improve the overall health of your skin. The A-Lift Treatment uses DMK’s Muscle Banding technique which tones and tightens while enzyme therapy repairs the underlying structures. The result is youthful, healthy and vibrant skin. Treatments are performed weekly over a 12 week period, last anywhere from 75-120 minutes and include ThermoClear and Lightwave LED. It is an excellent choice for those wanting the look of botox and fillers but who are concerned about their long-term effects. When paired with the RS Remodeling Procedure, results are even more dramatic.

$3600 | Includes 12 treatments and 3 months of DMK Limited Skincare (DMK’s exclusive luxury line)
$4000 | Includes RS Remodeling Procedure and RS A-Lift Series

In addition to the above treatments, we also offer scar-revision and specialized treatment plans for Melasma, Rosacea, Vitiligo and a variety of other skin conditions. We can also treat the hands, arms, chest, stomach, back and legs. We recommend scheduling a Skin Consultation to discuss your options and pricing.